Turkish Riviera

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We can start writing about Antalya's history with the old names of it. This Turkish riviera has old names such as Attaleia, Atalla, Atale, Adalin, Adalya, Ataliyye, Etaliyye, Sattalla. Antalya is the under of Lydian Kingdom sovereignty from BC 7th century to 546. Since then it entered to Pers Kingdom. Antalya Riviera was directed by Lydians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks before entering Ottoman Empire. How to get to Kas Hotel Transportation is very easy from all over the world and Turkey to Antalya Riviera. Many big domestic and international travel companies orgnise tours to Antalya Riviera. You may have problem in finding tour organisation or ticket for Ankara. Road traffic has reduced with increasing the number of fligts. General Information There are two types of climate in Antalya Riviera. The firs one is Mediterranean climate dominant in coast region and second one is continental climate in upper regions. Antalya's annual average temperature is 18.7 degrees. The summer months are passing more actively than winter months. Especially visitors from cold regions of Antalya Riveira like it much more than others. Places to See in this Turkish Riviera Castles, Clock Tower, Karatay Madrasa in Kaleiçi, Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Kesik Minaret Mosque are the historical places to see in Antalya. Antalya is the richest one among Turkish Rivieras on beaches and other touristic places. If you this Turkish Riviera you should see Güllü National Park, Canyon National Park in Manavgat, Adrasan, Phaselis beaches.
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Turkish Riviera

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