Mayumi Hiramatsu

Mayumi Hiramatsuneishkrains | dodany 957 dni 1 godzinę 45 minut temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj - Mayumi Hiramatsu started her career in software development but expand as a Woman leader in web and cloud technology. At Autodesk she led an initiative to define their cloud technology stack.She is known to be cutting edge and lead transformation of technology and organization during major shifts. While at Schwab Mayumi transformed Schwab from a brick and morter trading company to an online trading company This transition from Mainframe to distributed compute platform was thanks to Mayumi as well as Schwab's first ESPP and Option Center development. In addition to this while at eBay they suffered from a massive crash and needed to change their architecture from a monolithic one to a distributed one. Today Mayumi is active with non profits such as Year Up and she is working with Cisco in Silicon Valley to help them transition to software and cloud oriented company.
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Mayumi Hiramatsu

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