H2minusO Flow Management Device - FMD

H2minusO Flow Management Device - FMDekuazamir | dodany 942 dni 6 godzin 6 minut temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj The H2minusO is a fully customizable Flow Management Device - FMD that uses a combination of proven technology and scientific theories dating back to 1797 and applies it to todays current water conservation concerns. - Venturi Effect - In 1797 Giovanni Battista Venturi was published as the discoverer of Venturi effect, which was described in 1797 - de Laval nozzle - The de Laval nozzle was developed by Swedish inventor Gustaf de Laval in 1888 for use on a steam turbine. - Yardley Check Valve - In 1932 Farnham Yardley designed and patented (US 20130092864 A1) a revolutionary check valve that was capable of tolerating a variable flow of fluid. - Fission - Fission is the splitting of something into two or more parts. When applying portions of these theories and technologies with the H2minusO's unique oscillatory system an Air Fission Process is created. This results in a breakdown (fragment) of the air content and helps restore order to the disruptive turbulent flow which causes water meters to read inaccurately. This is what separates the H2minusO from flow restrictors and similar devices or gadgets that are solely based on flow restriction and pressure reduction to gain the results that the H2minusO provides. Green4All Energy Solutions - - the manufacturer of the H2minusO has been providing water solutions since 2010.
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H2minusO Flow Management Device - FMD

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