Halloween Gifts for Zombie Lovers

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Halloween Gifts can be a hard gift to buy. But what if you could kill three birds with one stone. This *Award Winning* hot sauce gift set is the best Halloween gift for the Zombie Lover or the Hot Sauce fanatic. Who doesn't like Zombies, Cajuns, and Hot Sauce. This hot sauce sampler has been the Best Selling hot sauce gift basket on Amazon for over a year. Four different flavors of Zombie food, that range from the hottest hot sauce to a mild gourmet pepper sauce. Zombie Cajun original is a traditional Louisiana style hot sauce that is great for cooking. Zombie Cajun Garlic is more of the same, but it has a wonderful garlic flavor that is sure to please. Zombie Cajun Lagniappe is a gourmet pepper sauce that is rich and thick and bursting with Cajun flavor. Zombie Cajun the Antidote is our only really hot sauce. It is made of a Habanero pepper mash that is sure to light you up. The ghoulish gift also contains two surprises that are sure to please. Each box comes with a paper back version of the Zombie Cajun Chronicles, A Time To Run. This short story tells the legend of the Zombie Cajun and if you read it carefully you will learn the secret to becoming Zombie proof. The second gift is a download version of the Zombie Cajun Cookbook. This book is full of Cajun family recipes, that I grew up with and you are sure to love. Each recipe requires the use of at least one of the sauces. You are 100% guaranteed to find your new favorite hot sauce. The original sauce also comes with a guarantee that if have at least two servings a day you will never turn into a Zombie. So far we are batting a thousand, not one person who has had two servings has ever turned into a zombie.
Halloween Gifts for Zombie Lovers

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