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Here are 4 Clash Of clans Tips. Enjoy!

Here are 4 Clash Of clans Tips. Enjoy!frclashofclan | dodany 826 dni 18 godzin 52 minuty temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj - Enjoy these clash of clans tips! 1. Using cheap troops Whenever you attack a village, make sure that you will get at least the amount of resources you've invested in your troops. 2. Use the spells only when really needed Spells are very expensive and take a bit to be "created". We agree that they are very effective, but that doesn't mean that you will need to use them in every battle. 3. Don't rush upgrading your Town Hall In Clash of Clans, if you upgrade the Town Hall and attack a village that has a lower level Town Hall than you, then you will get "loot penalty". 4. Saving Gems When you start playing Clash of Clans, you will receive 500 free gems. When you'll end the tutorial, you will lose about 50 gems by instantly completing structures as instructed by the tutorial.
Here are 4 Clash Of clans Tips. Enjoy!

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