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Male Body Waxing Center in Manhattan NY

Male Body Waxing Center in Manhattan NYmalebrazilian1 | dodany 943 dni 7 godzin 21 minut temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj Welcome to Dyanna Spa and Waxing Center in Manhattan NY, professionals specializing in male body waxing providing Bikini and Brazilian waxing male services. Bikini waxing unlike a male Brazilian wax, which normally removes all of the hair in the genital area, a male Bikini Wax involves the removal of all the pubic hair from around the bikini line. We use a specially formulated warm wax, Azulene, for the hair removal process. Our experienced esthetician applies the wax onto the appropriate areas, places paper over the wax, and then quickly pulls off the paper, along with all the unwanted hair. We adhere to a strict "no double-dipping" policy, which means that our esthetician uses a new spatula with each application of wax. We were one of the first New York spas to offer male waxing services, beginning in 1983. You can feel safe and secure with our professional estheticians, who have been performing mens hair removal services for decades.Also we offer other spa services for men including body treatments and body massages,nail services - manicures and pedicures, facials and skin care. To make an appointment for our male bikini wax services call us at (212) 995-2355 - Downtown Manhattan or Midtown East (212) 213-0011 , or visit our websites:
Male Body Waxing Center in Manhattan NY

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