Quick Tips To Improve Your Web Design

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Here are some quick web design tips brought to you by 1. Design In Gray, then Add Color Start designing the wireframe in gray color, then add color to one element at a time. 2. Use your corporate font You can choose one from Google Fonts and use it for all your projects. 3. Social Media Icons Decide whether you want visitors to click right away to social media or to stay on your website. Social media icons should not be the first thing your visitors see. 4. Get Rid of Slow Slideshows You will find out that most people stay on your site for merely seconds so you have to catch their attention quickly. Slideshow may not be the right way to do it. 5. Simple Navigation at the top Show the visitors clearly where you want them to go. 6. Use White Space Add whitespace for simplicity and don't cram too many things into one space. 7. Stand away from your website and see Then you can find out how a first time visitor will see it and you can make changes to make the important things stand out! Hope that helps improve your web design. If you need a professional to help you with your website design and especially if you are in NZ or Australia, check out and feel free to request a no obligation quote for the work you need done!
Quick Tips To Improve Your Web Design

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