Auresia - Quiero Bailar (Solita)

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Click: "Quiero Bailar (Solita)" by Auresia. Set against a background of colonial architecture, vibrant colored pastel buildings, vintage cars and palm trees, Quiero Bailar (Solita) is a love story set in Havana Cuba yet has a universal message of love and freedom. New love becomes old as the dance of romance moves from seduction, to mistrust, betrayal, and inevitably separation. Auresia, singer and protagonist, indulges in this beautiful yet bittersweet love, but does so with a sense of independence, self-empowerment and liberty. A sensual love story, Quiero Bailar (Solita) speaks primarily in the emotionally charged tongue of body language. The story is driven by the physical performances of the actors, the seductive aesthetic of Old Havana, Cuba and the interplay between the two. The characters and their passion are illustrated through their physical movements; their sun-kissed bodies entangle, separate and meet again. However, nothing can last forever, as distrust and betrayal slowly enter their relationship. In the end, actress Auresia realizes her own self worth and pulls away from what has become a poisonous relationship, trusting in herself and her own independence.
Auresia - Quiero Bailar (Solita)

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