EDM on FIRE! JJ Savina Releases "7:00 AM" Music Video

EDM on FIRE! JJ Savina Releases "7:00 AM" Music Videojjsavina | dodany 959 dni 13 godzin 43 minuty temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj
JJ Savina aka Julia Savina is an EDM Producer/DJ/Remixer at FAMOUS RECORDS / FONTANA. Originally from Narva, Estonia, JJ Savina gained her popularity on Reverbnation, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter by sharing her music with audience and helping other artists with music distribution. In December 2014 JJ joined Famous Records Fontana and released her debut EP "7 A.M." In July 2015 JJ Savina has released her music video 7:00 AM, which has been filmed in London under the supervision of music video director Igor Fain. The story about modern Cinderella has been written by Lara Miloszewska. Cast has been selected by Svetlana Bekleseva. The official music video of JJ Savinas "7:00 AM" has won Bronze Medal on Global Music Awards and has been featured on National TV in the USA 7:00 AM also has been featured on American Pride Magazine CONNECT: Soundcloud Reverbnation Facebook Twitter Instagram Beatport
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EDM on FIRE! JJ Savina Releases "7:00 AM" Music Video

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