Stephen R. Ventre, Mentor, Onsia and Sound Art

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Stephen R. Ventre http://www.dsausa.com Ten Articles to Assist the Young Investor Over the last 4 years I developed a Mentors’ program along with a few of my business associates. On a personal note we are grateful to have experienced success in our businesses, investments and many of our entrepreneurial business ventures. Reaching out to young business minds and offering some words of encouragement and a focused strategy on how to develop and deliver your business ideas is something we all decided to give back to our community. I have been asked by a few of my Mentees to discuss investment strategies for the young / new investor in today’s financial marketplace. Without going into a 200 page thesis about the strengths and pitfalls of Investing I thought I would just pass along some solid information to the new investor entering these financial markets
Stephen R. Ventre, Mentor, Onsia and Sound Art

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