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Transfer your pension overseas to a QROPS. UK pension freedoms mean that you can cash in your pension in the UK, but you will face taxes of up to 45% on income and up to 45% on any lump sum left on death after 75. A QROPS gets you into a UK tax-free enviroment as long as you remain resident abroad outside the UK. We offer independent offshore financial advice for British expats and people who have worked in the UK. We either provide direct advice or put you in contact with financial advisers abroad in your country of retirement. We offer advice on Hong Kong QROPS, New Zealand QROPS, Gibraltar qROPS, Isle of Man QROPS, Guernsey QROPS, Jersey QROPS, India QROPS, Australia QROPS, QROPS USA, Spain QROPS, South Africa QROPS, QROPS for residents in France, European QROPS, Ireland QROPS We also provide other smart inheritance tax planning advice by using other offshore pension trusts such as QNUPS to reduce your tax bill. We can also advise on Irish pension transfers, Bermuda pension transfers and Dutch pension transfers abroad. In fact, we can move any pillar II pension overseas as long as your exsting pension company allows it. We have handled many UK pension transfers for workers in oil & gas, telecommunications, banking, finace, energy, IT and many other sectors. Please contact us at http://www.qropsspecialists.com for more information.

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