How to make money online by adding value and building real relationships

How to make money online by adding value and building real relationshipsalvinlindsay | dodany 1066 dni 14 godzin 18 minut temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj Click to see how I have multiple $1,000 days. It teaches you in the video the exact system I use. It's only a few minutes long but actually shows you exactly how I've made all this money so you can literally copy me and start seeing results for yourself as well. How to make money online by adding value and building real relationships. I remember a time in my life when, I was so depressed that it came to the point where I almost committed suicide.. it's funny, cause ONLY less than 6 years ago I was struggling in my life & my business Let me just tell you a bit of my story so you can understand where I'm coming from Even though I'm a very social person.. I kept to myself growing up and spent a lot of time in "my own world" you might even say I'm an "introvert".. man I'm always in my own head there were nights I couldn't sleep because I didn't know where my next meal was coming from all I could think about was how shitty my life was and how much I hated myself for it.. an what was even the point of waking up tomorrow. when I was growing up.. I always felt like i was "different" a lot of times people called me "an old soul" cause I wasn't into a lot of stuff other kids my age were I left home at a really young age and pretty much grew up in the streets. It wasn't that I was abused or anyone's victim I was just hard headed and victim of my own "stinkin thinkin" I fell into the wrong crowd an ended up dropping out of high school by the age of 15 years old at that point.. all I wanted to do was "Get Rich or Die Trying" I was sick of living below the poverty line & watching my family suffer I got tired of watching her cry over her bills or not having any money for groceries.. man she was depressed & lonely she was a single mother raising 3 kids on welfare at the time.. and i figured I was old enough to fend for myself.. so I left home. ok so now let me tell you how I got into business in the first place. i never felt like working a 9-5 & being stuck at a 'day job' was the right thing for me.. I'm too much of a "free spirit" and hated the feeling of being locked down I had dreams of traveling the world. I wanted to explore all the amazing places this world has to offer the exotic beaches, the pyramids, the jungles the mountains, the temples I wanted to experience it all.. I knew if I had a lot of money I would be able to live the life I always dreamed about I guess it's nice to know you're not the only one who faces the problems you face.. and you feel less alone in the world it was time for a change. I started several other businesses but could never afford enough inventory to make any real profits I actually decided to put my dreams "on hold" and get a "regular" job and live like a "normal" person like was told my whole life, people always tried to talk me out of my dreams.. "Alvin you want too much, just be satisfied with what you have" "Alvin you're crazy, your wasting time & potential" "Alvin you need to go back to school & do something with your life" Then it was 2010 when I came online searching for a way to "make money working from home" I came across a video that caught my attention it had me completely hypnotized with the possibilities it resonated with me so much cause I seen people from all walks of life making money they were doing the things I wanted to do making the kind of money I wanted to make and living the kind of lifestyle I wanted to live.. from that point on I was hooked and I decided I would do what ever it takes to make it happen I was desperate, I felt like a bird locked in a cage and I had to get out, I needed to spread my wings and fly since I was finally off the street, I had a LOT of time to reflect on my life and the decisions i made I started spending a lot of time just reconnecting and finding myself again.. looking for a ways out of my depression I was always into personal development & spiritual healing and God knows I needed some.. I always heard "diseases & despair come from the mind" and I also knew if the mind can hurt you, the mind can heal you I started researching different things like eastern medicines an philosophies, stuff about meditation and balancing Chakras getting into personal development & law of attraction.. it was the first time I ever came across people like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robins, Bob proctor, etc I loved listening to spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coelho & Oprah Winfrey.. It's funny, I remember my mom always rushing to the tv. to catch "Oprah" at 4 o'clock on the dot & now i know why haha lol it was working, just listening to these people & their stories, I was excited.. I started feeling a lot better about myself.. and it turned into an obsession. I knew if I could start making money from home, I could spend all day having fun & studying more of the information that was helping me reconnect with life and get over my depression.
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How to make money online by adding value and building real relationships

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