12345 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

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Anyone interested in the question of how to grow a healthy baby, clever, kind, independent; educate so that it is relatively easy life was in kindergarten when it comes time to do so, and then in school. It is worth noting that the most important thing for a child - it's his parents, father and mother. After all, a human child is born helpless, but with a huge potential for development. The most intense it occurs at an early age. In this period of human evolution is important not just a year, but even a month, week, day. The saddest thing is that the losses in development at this time are irreplaceable, they are not compensated for in full in the later periods of life. This means that the potential for development, inherent nature, remain unfulfilled. Examples of this can be set. How often a child at school, suffering from unstable attention to the lesson. It affects his academic performance, communication with teachers and peers, the overall development of the child. The causes of poor attention may be a few, but one of them is often associated since the neonatal period. The scientists found that the period from the 7th to the 21th day of life is favorable for the development of visual concentration, which is important for the further development focus. So this is the time you need, emotionally dealing with the baby, calling it a visual focus on the face of an adult, on the toy or any other object. To miss this point - is to lose the possibility of optimal development of a child's attention.
12345 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

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