ATR Tile Leveling and Alignment System

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http://www.a2zsell.com/product-category/flooring-supplies/atr-tile-leveling-system/ With ATR tile leveling system tiling is made easy! The ATR Tile leveling and tile alignment system is a 2 part system (Spacers and Spindles) perfect for leveling medium to large format tile and stone using only your hands! Now you can install tile lippage-free. Tiles that look perfectly leveled during installation, after the thinset cures, often show a difference in height which can compromise the aesthetics. ATR Tile leveling Benefits: Drastically reduces the need for grinding and polishing of surface. Reduces installation time and improving cost-effectiveness. Prevents tiles from moving while curing. With the ATR system you only need 1 cross spacing plate for 4 tiles NOT 4 Clips like every other leveling systems. Buy now on A2Z Sell. Your source for flooring tools. http://www.a2zsell.com
ATR Tile Leveling and Alignment System

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