Metal Fabrication MA | Laser Cutting MA

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Metal Fabrication MA | Laser Cutting MA. 508-695-6800. In 1951, brothers Louis A and Roland Sousa started a metal fabrication shop in Attleboro, MA. The business steadily grew, and Arthur DeMayo joined the Sousa brothers as third partner in 1958  establishing Sousa Brothers & DeMayo. In 1984, the company passed to the second generation as their respective children  Louis R and Sandy DeMayo Gagne  assumed ownership and continued to steadily build and grow the company. In 2015, Greg Hunter acquired Sousa & DeMayo, bringing 30 years of his own experience in mechanical engineering, operations and management. Greg recognizes the need for the company to continue to modernize in an effort to provide our customers with the services they need to stay competitive. Since inception, the company has constantly grown and modernized, adding more space for manufacturing and finishing in addition to a machine shop. Recent years saw the addition of a precision CNC press brake, a second 50-ton CNC punching machine, multi-axis CNC vertical machining centers, and in 2015, a 5' X 10', 4KW, CNC Laser. Gregs experience in mechanical engineering and design has allowed us to expand again by offering enhanced engineering services. We can now take new projects from concept through fabrication, utilizing the latest in CAD/CAM technology. We offer an extensive array of custom metal fabrication services, machining, and quality painting. For more than 60 years weve built our reputation through devoted customer service and superior quality products. From management through our dedicated employees  many with over 20 years at the company  everyone at Sousa & DeMayo is committed to perpetuating excellence throughout all our services. Metal fabrication MA Laser cutting MA
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Metal Fabrication MA | Laser Cutting MA

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