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ALISBURY VEHICLE LEASING-YOUR GUIDE TO A NEW CAR IN SALISBURY Salisbury Vehicle Leasing; weve talked a little bit about car leasing and why renting a car on a monthly basis can be a good idea. Its true that with some leases you never get to own a car but the advantages are that you dont need a huge deposit to lease a new car and monthly payments are often cheaper than traditional loans. New businesses, as well as individuals, benefit from a small initial capital outlay and the reliability and efficiency of a brand new vehicle. Perhaps the most popular form of Salisbury Vehicle Leasing is Contract Hire. Contract hire gives the lessor the opportunity to use a car or van for the duration of the agreement which could last from as little as 6 months to as long as five years. The contract will specify the residual value of the vehicle at the end of the lease. For example, if a car costs £10000 then the contract may indicate a residual value of £2500 at the end of the lease. So, the customer pays a total of £7500 plus interest for the use of the car during the contract period. For this reason, maintenance can be tied in to the contract to make sure that the car or van will have the necessary residual value. So when it comes to Salisbury Vehicle Leasing what about some sample prices? There are a wide range of places which offer car and van leasing in Salisbury. There are an even wider range of cars and vans which are available to suit any budget and any customer. For example these brand new vehicles cost the following: " Citroen C! Hatchback for only £48 a month " Seat MIII Hatchback for £89 a month Moving to mid-range models: " Volkswagen Sirocco Saloon £176 a month " Audi A1 SPORTBACK at £179 a month And finally to top of the range models such as the: " Mercedes-Benz GLA CLASS DIESEL HATCHBACK GLA 200 CDI AMG Line 5dr Auto Diesel for £225 a month " Audi R8 SPYDER 4.2 FSI V8 Quattro 2dr at £1500! per month So, if you have a spare £1500 a month you can drive one of the best cars around with only a small deposit. .Dont forget, theres also lots of vans available for tradesmen .So, whatever type of vehicle you need; whatever your budget theres a car waiting for you with Salisbury Vehicle Leasing!
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Auto Loans Colorado

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