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Hey guys here is my super funny video for newbie by guitar player funny Rock smith. Yep I am here in front of you all of my new guitar playing in funny way and creative too. I have fashioned myself as my unique style as I know glamour and music walk together so anyway today is just a super fine video of mine with funny guitar tune and my own way to play guitar. I used to make fun and funny music in my leisure time while I get bore. So here is my fast and silly or you can say cool –chill ways to play guitar in funny or super funny way. I know you are also newbie as me so no extra writing stuff here its video and fun and more to watch and enjoy here. You are welcome to be a part of madness and newbie style of playing guitar as fun. Let’s move on and enjoy with the video and for my next video just press subscribe button and be a part of madness with me

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