West Palm Beach Pool Services Call 561-967-6092

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Pools Guys of Palm Beach Boca Raton West Palm Beach Pool Cleaning, Repair, Construction, Design Services What Everyone Needs to Know About Pool Landscaping Landscaping Around The Pool from The Pool Guys of Palm Beach In South Florida having lush vegetation around your pool area is not only pleasing its also necessary in some cases. A pool that has excellent landscaping adds value to the home but can also be a nuisance if you select the wrong types of plants or trees. This post is a snapshot of what you should know when selecting the proper shrubs, flowers and greenery for your pool or spa area. Are you considering a new pool in your Palm Beach or Broward County home? Call the Pool Guys of Palm Beach. Consider planning your layout on scrap paper to get a rough idea of the look of your design. When it comes to selecting the right landscaping, keep in mind that you'll want to use plants for privacy. You'll also want greenery that's low in maintenance, keeping the debris from clogging up your filters. Trees that shed a lot of leaves and branches are not always the best solution. Use stones and other filler that prevents dirt from blowing into the water that will be much easier than vacuuming each day. Plants such as Ivy, Evergreens, year-round blooming flowers, shrubs and Astro-turf are some alternatives keeping the pool the focal point. These are top choices for the easy care and maintenance. Large pots and decorative containers are ideal for displaying your plants and giving the pool area more flair. You'll find many of these types of containers at places like the Home Depot and Lowes. You can also make your plant boxes by getting ideas from the DIY channel and Pinterest. Side Note: Remember to water potted plants more often than the ones on the ground. They dry out faster due to the container. These plants will look best grouped together. When selecting, trees and shrubs remember these are an awesome solution to privacy, which most people are seeking. Stay away from fruit trees and Crape Myrtle, which can cause debris that can be detrimental to your pool. Rocks and Boulders are beautiful but always keep in mind the design. If you have a natural pool, then a giant rock may look great but if your pool is modern a beautiful statue or piece of art may be more decorative and won't look awkward.
West Palm Beach Pool Services Call 561-967-6092

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