Isaac and Jacob

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Did you know that the knowledge of the true God was lost after the Apostles died? Did you know that most Christians dont know for sure who or what God is? Is God a He, a They, an It or an energetic force out there somewhere? Or can God be anything you imagine him to be? This book will show you what the Bible really reveals about God. ? Is there a way to know for sure? Yes, there is and in this book you will discover the surprising truth about God. The amazing thing is that the answer is found right in your Bible but youve never seen it! God is real and He wants you to know Him as He truly is. This book will help you: *Find out exactly who He is and what He wants from you. *Discover why all the confusion about God in mainstream Christianity *Where to look for the true answers about the God that Abraham. Isaac, Jacob and Jesus served and loved. *Learn how knowing God will help you establish a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him. The creator of heaven and earth has really become the forgotten God of Christianity. But He can be found. If you want a deeper understanding of who God is, then this is the book to read!
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Isaac and Jacob

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