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How does the pool work? When we have a million people playing in the pool, which we will someday, each person will get 1/1,000,000 of the winning ticket, sound good? Naw, we didn't think so either. In fact, unlike an office lottery pool where all the winnings are split evenly, we wanted to reward the smart guy/gal who was so brilliant as to pick the winning numbers. That's why in LottoLishus the person who picks the winning numbers gets to keep 50% of the cash winnings! Now we've got 50% left over, what do we do with it? We keep it of course! Of course NOT! The other 50% gets paid out using our patented, lottery pool payout system. Ten 5% winning shares go to other players in the pool. If the winner was in your personal pool, you automatically win a 5% share. If the winner was in someone else's personal pool you could win a 5% share with a Meteor Strike.
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