Building Mickey Mouse!! LOZ Diamond Nanoblock

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Playing with Nanoblock is really fun and here is the video for creating Mickey Mouse with LOZ Diamond Nanoblock. Originally introduced from japan LOZ Diamond Nanoblock has built its own identity in every playschool and children all over the world. Not even children but there are so many professionals are using these structural designs for architect modelling and multipurpose. Building these blocks in any shape is easy and entertaining. To improve creativity and design skills here is a video for you to learn how to build Mickey Mouse with LOZ Diamond Nanoblock. Simply choose various colors and patterns of blocks and arrange them as much as you can imagine and create unique designs and shapes with them. Mickey Mouse character is a fan of every child and everybody try to learn and do experiments with Nanoblocks. Here is the simple step by step instructional method provided in the video just by using various colors of Nano block anyone can easily create Mickey Mouse and more cartoon characters Nano blocks are similar in design to a Lego bricks The underside of the bricks are different from Lego bricks in that they use a dividing flange, known as the double-ridged backing system. The bricks are made using ABS plastic in various color and design options Subscribe for more videos
Building Mickey Mouse!! LOZ Diamond Nanoblock

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