Dermapen Results | CBS News Channel Report Los Angeles

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Dermapen Results and technology behind skin care treatment by Dermapen is an innovative process of skin rejuvenation. CBS news channel featured a short demonstration of Dermapen and doctors have proved that no harm to use this technology for regular use in any skin treatment. Here in this news report working and effects has been broadcasted live on public tv channel CBS in Los Angeles. Although this device is claimed to be a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care, the basic methodology is actually an evolution of previous micro needling techniques. The premise behind DermaPen is to cause micro damage to the skin; thus stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. The human body is quite amazing in this regard. When small parts of the skin are damaged, the body begins to quickly grow new skin to replace it. In many ways, this is the same premise behind chemical peels and photofacials; causing a little bit of damage to old cells, to replace them with healthy cells. However, instead of using chemicals or lasers, the DermaPen relies on tiny needles to penetrate the skin in the treatment area. These little pin pricks cause micro wounds just below the surface and damage the collagen networks in the dermis. This causes the body to respond by creating healthy cells in the treatment area, thus tightening the skin and removing cells with excess pigment (like scars and liver spots). For live more results and latest news report please subscribe to learn more about micro needling: To reach out to us directly: Category Education
Dermapen Results | CBS News Channel Report Los Angeles

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