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As a part of Las Vegas Urology, I not only have access to important services and resources but I also have the opportunity to work in a small, solo practice setting that maintains the individual attention and personalized service that I have always provided and that my patients have deeply appreciated. Whether we are seeing you for prostate issues, kidney stones, urinary infections, incontinence, vasectomy, infertility, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder or other issues, you feel comfortable and not rushed in our visits. We provide for most insurances and our staff can answer specific coverage questions when you call. We offer the GreenLight Laser and the new UroLift for prostate treatment, as well as cutting edge options that are available across the entire urologic spectrum. In addition, we pay careful attention to preventive care such as our 24-hour urine collection work-up to determine how to prevent recurrent kidney stones. We also welcome your input and interaction as a participant in your treatment care decisions.
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Newman Urology

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