Sarantos - The Silence Doesnt Bother Me

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"The Silence Doesn't Bother Me" by Sarantos Click: Silence is all around. Sometimes it's present despite being in a crowded room. Sometimes it is one's only companion. Some are scared of silence. Some relish it. Some cannot function in silence. Some thrive on it. Silence affects us all differently. Sarantos newest song is about being comfortable in the silence despite the storm thundering loudly outside. The song is also about being comfortable in the silence of your art not being well-received. Regardless of whether it's a movie, song, book or painting, the artist is in a very real sense naked and exposes all personal vulnerabilities when their art is released into the public light. No artist ever creates something out of nothing without pouring their heart and soul into it, viewing it from every angle, and ultimately thinking it is a masterpiece. Critics and fans might not always agree however but that doesn't mean everyone is not entitled to their opinion either. There is freedom of expression in the world today and that's ok. Artists need to overcome their fears and grow comfortable with the silence if and when it comes. At one point, there will surely be silence whether it's failed art today or a failure to recapture the glories and heights of the past. Maybe there is silence because a lover or a fan does not want you anymore.
Sarantos - The Silence Doesnt Bother Me

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