How to Create A Website - in 5 Mins - with Wordpress

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This video will show you How to Create A Website - in 5 Mins - with Wordpress. Before you start, first visit the link below: -> That page will help you get a free .com domain with 85 % off on hosting in Godaddy. So, you can create your website in 5 simple steps:- STEP 1: Choose a Website name. STEP 2: Register your domain and Get Hosting. STEP 3: Set up your account. STEP 4: Install wordpress. STEP 5: Customize your website in wordpress. Now, Let's get started 1) Choose your Website name:- First choose a name for your website. This is also called as the domain name. When you're ready with the domain name, go to the above link to check the availability of it. 2) Register your domain and Get Hosting:- Once you've got the domain name (available) , you need to register it and get Hosting. Getting hosting simply means getting a server for your website. Hosting helps to put your website on the internet. You can purchase a Domain and Hosting together. Also, Watch the video to get a free domain and 85% off on hosting with a special coupon code hidden in the "Get Free domain & Hosting" link. 3) Set up your account:- After you've successfully made the payment, the next step is set-up your account. Create a username and password for your account. Watch the video to see how to setup your account. 4) Install Wordpress:- Wordpress is the most powerful & flexible way to build a website. You can easily create a Blogging website using wordpress. The biggest advantage of Wordpress is that, you don't need to have any programming or coding knowledge. Also, it costs nothing and can be installed on most web hosts with a single click of a button. 5) Customizing your website:- You can change the look of the web page using wordpress themes. Another advantage of Wordpress is that it has thousands of themes available for free. It also has high quality Premium themes which can be purchased to enrich the quality of your web page design. To install a theme go to the Wordpress dashboard and under appearance, click themes. Choose any theme you like, to see a preview. If you like it, click install and click activate.
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How to Create A Website - in 5 Mins - with Wordpress

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