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3D Virtual Property Tours Florida South Florida Real Estate Virtual Tour Production Company.... Real Estate Virtual Tours, Video Tours throughout south Florida; Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton ACCUTOUR CREATES VIRTUAL TOURS THAT EASY FOR CLIENTS IN SOUTH FLORIDA TO EMBED INTO WEBSITES FOR A BETTER USER EXPERIENCE. Scenario: Charlie and his wife are planning on moving from Chicago to Florida. Charlie's wife cannot travel and pack and they have a short time before Charlie's employer expects him to be re-located. There's very little time and opportunity for the couple to visit the area. You've shown them stills and some videos on a few of the suggested properties in the luxury market, but nothing is working until you pull out your secret weapon. A 3D Virtual Tour unlike they've ever seen before. Here's how to master the tours as a pro would without breaking a sweat. The first way to master a 3D virtual tour, would be to make it interactive. Because 3D Virtual Tours are much different than 2D images and Video, you've been using the ability to make things like closet doors opening gives you a whole new perspective. You can take this to a different dimension by showing the depth of the cabinets. (You get the picture?) For them to have a stronger idea of height of a ceiling, 3D imagery has the ability to give them options to look up, grasping the depth perception. This is a feature pictures and video can't do. You can also make focal points of a specific area, that's clickable giving them more information about opening up a door. This feature is in and of itself, one of the biggest reasons that so many of today's luxury agents are leaning toward this newer technology.
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Matterport Photography

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