When Should You Write out a Will?

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At what age should have a Last Will and Testament created? From Boca Raton Life Insurance Original Article from Affordable Insurance 4U - Boca Raton Why having a Will along with Having Life Insurance is Important at any Age Read the or download the white paper Almost everyone should have a will, no matter how old you are. Many of our younger population, such as Millennials are making investments for their future. They want the peace of mind that the state won't drop in and take possession of their property if an unsuspected event should happen. Let's face it, most deaths are not planned. By having two major preparations in mind such as Life Insurance and a Will, you're making a conscious decision to be pro-active. Being proactive, allows your family to grieve in succession to healing without the repercussion of bill collectors and probate attorney's taking what you've left behind.
When Should You Write out a Will?

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