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Team Building Relay Races for Your Next Event

Team Building Relay Races for Your Next Eventteambuilding0 | dodany 778 dni 4 godziny 17 minut temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj from South Florida Bounce and Slide Team Building Relay Races for Your Next Event Dribbling Relay: Four to five teams having the equal number of players line up behind a starting like. In front of each team, about 10 to 15 meters away a turning point is marked, and on the way one or more objects are placed on the ground. The front most players of each team will be in possession of a basketball. At the signal 'Go', the number of one player of each team starts to dribble the ball with one hand around the objects, which should be placed in front of him. He encircles the first object with his left side towards it, and dribbles to the next, around which he goes with his right side towards it. He then dribbles the ball straight back to the starting line. Here he hands the ball over to the next player and stands at the back of his team. All players go forward and come back in turn. The team completing this first is the winner and the other teams are given places according to the order of finishing. Found on Balloon Pop: Inflate enough balloons for each player. Have your team members lined up in rows and place an empty chair opposite each row a good distance away. Give each player an inflated balloon. Team members race one at a time to the chair, sit on their balloon and pop it. The first team to pop all their balloons wins. Found on The Three-Legged Race: One person ties his left leg with another person's right leg. They work together to run or walk (or stumble??) to their goal and back. Strap the legs together at the ankle or calf with a strip of fabric, bandana or stretchy nylon. Pass the Doughnut: Team members pass a doughnut from the first person in line to the last person in line using only the straws (or sticks) in his/her mouth. Found on Beach Balls Crazy: In this race you'll need inflatable doughnuts, flippers for all sizes, water wings, and pool noodles. Each participant wears a set of wings, places the doughnut around their waist and the flippers on their feet. A swimming pool noodle is placed at the front of the line (one per line). The teams line up one at a time they wear the beach gear and race to the other side grabbing the noodle and running it back. Whichever team makes it to the end with all players having a turn is the winner. This is great fun and can be done at school events as well as birthday parties. This idea was found on
Team Building Relay Races for Your Next Event

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