AP da Don - Dash Of Black (prod. by @JCityPiccolo)

AP da Don - Dash Of Black (prod. by @JCityPiccolo)oversurfacemusz | dodany 1112 dni 9 godzin 43 minuty temu | ( | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj After another year of Black History Month coming and going, AP Da Don presents "Dash of Black." A song/video influenced by his love/hate relationship with the direction African Americans are headed in as well as and Black History Month. He realizes Black History is American History, and should be heavily ingrained in American historical text as well as our education system. Listen and watch closely as he touches on the power of unity, honoring/supporting one another, and many hypocrisies that plague the black community in America. Including the consistent divide that seems to begin from within. Help us spread this substance year around, in an attempt to impact those who can benefit from this message. Location: Paterson, New Jersey Credits: Video shot & edited by Kyle Avery. Co-directed by Jerry "S.O.S - J.P" Palmer. Song produced by Piccolo @jcitypiccolo
AP da Don - Dash Of Black (prod. by @JCityPiccolo)

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