Great Gift Ideas Custom Picture Books - The Wow Factory Ideas

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The Wow Factory South Florida Indoor Playground & Family Fun Center! 5891 Lyons Road Coconut Creek, FL 33073 (954)-380-8600 LET'S GET SOCIAL Facebook Youtube Twitter Great Gift Ideas, Custom Picture Books Tips from South Florida Indoor Activity Center - The Wow Factory Seems that in today's world with everyone snapping pics with their smart phones we forget that giving a nice framed picture or putting together some type of keepsake that's personalized is still a nice gift to get. There are some really creative ideas with a few companies out there that can make your next gift really special. Here's a snapshot of those companies and gifts to make using pictures and images. If granny or granpappy is turning another year older and you are in a slump for what to get them, why not have a "Day in the Life" book made about them? Use pictures, keepsakes like flowers or material clippings and put them into a nice hardbound book. They will be tickled that you took the time to give it so much thought. Baby's first year photo albums are really nice but have you considered making one of these using a company like Shutterfly? They can put together hardback books with your own gorgeous pictures in great looking timelines, including text a terrific format and of course make it special using your own photos. The cost is determined by how many photos and there are several formats to select from. The sizes are also another indication on what the charge will be. For example, an 8x8 retails at $19.99 and the 11x14 will start at $74.99. Remember that this is a book that they will have forever. A mom I knew was really into cooking and wanted her kids to have a book that included her family recipes. She took fun pictures of her cooking with her children and husband and then created a beautiful book that she was able to give to the kids when they were older. With mother's day here another year, everyone was scrambling around asking each other what to get mom on this special day. After all, she's the lady who has it all so what did we get? We had a huge picture book made for her including all the brothers and sisters and their families and kids. She enjoys looking at the book because it's easy to pick up one book and look at all her favorite snapshots. A gift she'll cherish forever. Wedding Days are also a perfect way to tell the story. Elegant photos in a beautifully displayed book can be a favorite coffee table for the newlyweds. Tell the story of when and where they first met up to their special day and give the couple this as a one-year anniversary gift. They will love you forever! These are just a few quick ideas on how to use these types of books. Don't forget while visiting us at the Wow Factory, our staff is always happy to help you take great pictures. Just grab one of us and ask. In the meantime, keep watching for our weekly blog for other tips, tricks and ideas for making your celebration awesome! Make the next birthday celebration memorable for the kids, bring them to the Wow Factory for the Best Indoor Family Fun and Entertainment.
Great Gift Ideas Custom Picture Books - The Wow Factory Ideas

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