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Introducing Intersil's ISL8225M 30A Power Module

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http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/Search.aspx?dsNav=Ntk:ManufacturerPartNumberUpshiftedSearch%7c*ISL8225M*%7c1%7c,Ny:True,Ro:0,Nea:True,N:587 . This video features Intersil's power modules, specifically the ultra-dense, super smart ISL8225M 30A Power Module and the ISL8225M Evaluation Board. In this example we have three power modules hooked up in parallel, each providing a minimum of 30A to enable us to have a 90A plus system solution. http://youtu.be/qeoYIjXEymQ więcej...
Introducing Intersil's ISL8225M 30A Power Module