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Eumora Facial Bar- Benefits of Moor!

rossortirossorti | dodany 933 dni 18 godzin 7 minut temu | () | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj
Most "soaps" have a pH level of 9 to 11. JEUNO or EUMORA Bar has a pH level that is closer to 5.65 in the skin "normal" or healthy.. JEUNO or EUMORA can used as nano treatment, firming and lifting your skin. A key ingredient of Jeuno or Eumora miracle bar is moor. From the moorlands of Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, moor mud has been used for centuries and has long been prized for its health and immune-promoting properties. Comprised of more... więcej...
Eumora Facial Bar- Benefits of Moor!