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MHL 11pin to VGA +Audio+Power Adapter Cable

aileenainsleaileenainsle | dodany 1501 dni 7 godzin 20 minut temu | () | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj
Output interface:VGA female+audio.Compatible with:Samsung Galaxy SIII, SIV, Note 2 and Tab 10.1.Connect your mobile device such as mobile phone, tablet and camera to HDTV, projector or any other VGA-equiped devices for large screen display.Support 1080p frame 3.5S tereo.Power charging when connected.Nickel-or gold-plated shell of connectors.Smart appearance; Easy operation.White and black are available.ROHS & CE compliant.MHL authorized member. więcej...
MHL 11pin to VGA +Audio+Power Adapter Cable