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Meal Frequency And Its Effects On Muscle Gain

alejandrosullivanalejandrosullivan | dodany 1998 dni 5 godzin 27 minut temu | () | Dodaj do obserwowanych obserwuj
Meal frequency is the amount of meals you consume over a day at specific intervals. The optimal strategy is to eat small more frequent meals, as many as you can in a day. The best results come when you consume 6-7 meals a day spread out every two hours or so. For example, if you are consuming a total of 4, 490 calories during the day you would do this: 4, 490 calories / 6 meals = 748 calories per meal or you could do it by grams whichever one is easier for you. Meal frequency keeps your... więcej...
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Meal Frequency And Its Effects On Muscle Gain